tailor-made for the artist in you!


tailor-made for the artist in you!

Arianna Mae Studios is a brave space. It is a place for everyone, from anywhere, with anything. A place for all ages and skill levels, where the negative words of others are left at the door and new ideas are met with curiosity and encouragement. It is a space for creativity. For trying, and trying again. For laughter. For community.


Do you love music? 


Let's explore the joy and welcome the challenge! Together we will keep you motivated, accountable, creative, and in love with your craft. Whether you are a shower serenader,  a professional artist, or anything in between - this is the place for you!

Have you always been curious about music lessons, for yourself or for the children in your life?

The beginning is a great place to start! Let's dive in and build the foundations of your musicianship. Technical skills, theory, sight reading and ear training are included in all lessons through a myriad of awesome resources that can be used both in your lessons and at home! 


  • Piano Lessons (available online or in-person)

  • Voice Lessons (online)

  • Songwriting Exploration & Coaching

  • RCM Exam Preparation

  • Audition & Performance Coaching

EVERYONE is welcome

Let's bring out the  artist  in you!











Are you based in the USA and interested in music lessons with Arianna Mae?

Arianna is now working exclusive with Magnolia Music Studios in Washington to bring her virtual lessons to students all across the USA! Thanks to the recommendations of mutual friends, I am so excited to be collaborating with the wonderful Cynthia Vaughn this Fall as a new faculty member at her Magnolia Music Studios. Inquire through the form below or directly through Magnolia Music Studios for more details!

Magnolia Music Studios












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M - F 11am - 8pm PT