• Arianna Mae

The "It" Factor

Maybe you're born with "it". Maybe "it"'s mostly caffeine. (That's how that saying goes, right? No? Just me?)

There's one question I get asked far too often from potential or new students that I never hear from instrumentalists:

Do I (or my child) have what it takes to make it?

Do I/they have talent?

Every time, I ask myself how I can best share with them that training the voice requires the same kind of discipline and dedication that learning any other instrument does. Singing has this coating of glamour on it, but really we're focusing on a musical education that is just as structured as learning an instrument.

An exceptional voice is not something that we are simply born with. Having a "great set of pipes" or a seemingly natural knack for songwriting is all well and good, but what you do with that natural inclination to foster your craft is what differentiates a beautiful "natural" voice and a musical Artist.

To bring up an important cliché that the wonderful Michelle Markwart Deveaux reminded me of the other day in a Facebook Live: you'll get out of it what you put into it. Singing and songwriting are no different! (Pianists, I see you too!)

Music lessons foster an incredible amount of important life skills, regardless of whether or not you have the passionate desire to be intimately known by millions:

  • Discipline

  • A well-rounded musical education

  • Craftsmanship and Mastery (two of my focus words for 2021!)

  • Learning to follow-through

  • Self expression

  • An opportunity to participate in an activity you love

  • Something to look forward to in your week

  • Self-care

  • Human connection

  • Confidence

The list goes on! And I know you know that, because you're here. Artistry and great musicianship are not something we're born with, they are facets of our lives we constantly strive to embrace; we are building our craft.

It's a journey, and the joy is in the process.

Happy New Year!

Much Love,

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